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If you’re looking for the scoop on the new Apple Universal Note, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the information you need to know about the device, including its specs and what Panzarinotechcrunch had to say about it.

Specs of the new device

In 2021, Apple will introduce a new universal note with a 2.5GHz processor. This is similar to the Intel Core i5 processor used in the iMac 4K. However, it will have the Media Engine and an optimized software package for video development. It will also be compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs.

This will be the final step in the transition away from Intel, as the company is expected to release a Mac Studio in 2022. It is possible that the M2-variant of the product will be released in 2023. While we don’t know how many generations of the chip will be in production, we do know that the Media Engine will be present. Using the same technology as the MacBook Pro’s, it will be able to handle files in a variety of formats. As for the software, it will be optimized to make video development faster. According to Craig Federighi, the new Universal Control will appeal to pros.

Key takeaways from the interview

If you’ve been waiting to hear how Apple’s plan for its Mac Pro is going, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, Apple executive Craig Federighi and Ina Fried, an Axios reporter, will sit down for an extensive on-record interview. They’ll be answering questions on everything from the Touch Bar to MacBook Pros. But how much will the interview reveal about Apple’s future?

The Touch Bar has been out for a while now. Many have poked at it. Some say it’s useless, but many others love the feature. That’s why Apple wants to put it into its new Mac Pro. Its design is aimed at the pro crowd, and it is positioned to meet their needs first.

As for the Mac Pro, it doesn’t have many ports. It has a serial ATA port and an RS-232 port, but not much else. Moreover, it’s also missing a USB-C port. This means the Pro lacks one of the most important peripherals for the average user.

The Mac Studio is a new category of Mac that sits in between consumer-grade Macs and the Mac Pro. It’s designed for creative professionals and power users. It’s also a good choice for filmmakers, engineers and scientists.

The Mac Studio is a compact, lightweight computer that sits a few millimeters above your desk. It’s designed with a fixed hardware component set, but you can upgrade its memory and graphics card to make it more powerful.


In the US, the base model costs $1,999. It comes with a 10-core CPU and 32GB of RAM. Those with more storage space can upgrade to 512GB SSD and 128GB of RAM. You can also get a version with the M1 Max processor, which is a four-times faster chip with 24 GPU cores.

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