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Here is a quick look at some of the top 15 features of Apple’s iPadOS 15. We’ll cover keyboard shortcuts, floating windows, and the Universal quick note feature. Having these tools can make your life easier. Plus, we’ll share some tips for using them.

Key features of iPadOS 15

Apple’s latest iPad operating system, iPadOS 15, is packed with new features that make multitasking easier. With new tools like Live Text, Quick Note, Shareplay, and more, your workflow will be smoother.

One of the biggest new features in iPadOS 15 is a new Multitasking Menu. This allows you to easily access your Home Screen and switch between apps and other windows. Aside from providing an easier way to work with more than one app at a time, the menu is also full of recommendations for how to keep your focus and reduce distractions.

There’s also an optional new tab bar design, which combines a toolbar and a search field. This allows you to quickly add links and take notes.

For FaceTime calls, iPadOS 15 offers new audio and video enhancements that make them more natural. You can even start a FaceTime call from any app and enjoy Spatial Audio.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around a new interview that’s going up on the internet with the “IPAD Control” team. In this particular interview, we get to know more about the team and what they’re up to now. From their background to the different ways that they like to interact with their team members, it’s a great read. The team’s goal is to build their brand and make their fans feel more connected to them. They’ve done just that, as you’ll see in this interview.

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When Apple announced iPadOS 15, they talked about features that would enhance your experience with the device. For instance, the new app Apple Freeform allows you to create visual layouts for content. You can add files, collaborate with others, and view them inline. The new version of the operating system is also capable of being integrated with third-party applications.

The company also spoke about the AirPods Max, a pair of wireless headphones that are set to release this year. They also discussed how they went through hundreds of prototypes before settling on the final design. Several executives mentioned that the shape was important, as was comfort and sound quality. One of the designers interviewed was Eugene Whang, a former industrial designer for Apple.

The company also discussed the latest versions of iOS and macOS. New system-wide features include developer-facing APIs and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. It is possible to drag the cursor between your Mac and your iPad using the new Universal Control feature.

In an interview with Fast Company, Eddy Cue said that Apple underestimated the complexity of its Apple Maps. This led to major changes in its development process.

Summary of the interview

The best part about the interview is that the dudes aren’t too shy to make a few jabs at the press. One could easily imagine the guffaws of the more conservative crowd. I know I did! There were even a few otps and spiffies to be had. Besides, the guys have a good time. It’s not all that bad when your employees are your friends and family. A pity it’s not all that often. Fortunately, Apple is not as secretive as some would have you believe. On the flipside, the company is more than willing to share information for the right price.

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