5 Incredible Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

Millions of people across the globe wear contact lenses while several others wear specs. However, it is now possible to get rid of the lenses and specs with the help of laser eye surgery. Wearing glasses or lenses can be a hassle every day. However, they are still needed to accomplish everyday tasks such as reading, driving, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could decrease the need for wearing specs or lenses?

Irrespective of being near-sighted or farsighted, laser surgery can help! If you are wondering the reasons for getting the laser eye surgery done, here’s a look:

  • Vision correction

Repaired vision is one of the most apparent benefits of laser surgery. The laser reduces the need for eyewear or contact lenses. Though it is not meant to restore the 20/20 vision, many patients get their vision to 20/20. Some people even get better results. The surgeon makes a small incision on the cornea’s surface during laser surgery. It creates a flap on the surface of your cornea. Further, this flap is lifted, and the cornea is reshaped with the help of a laser. This enables the cornea to retract light better along the retina. Though in some cases, patients need to wear glasses or lenses occasionally, in the rest of the cases, patients are completely satisfied.

  • Painless

Though having an incision done in the eye might sound painful or scary, in reality, a laser is not that painful. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of lasers is it causes minimal or no pain. Before the procedure, the surgeon puts numbing eye drops. They are just like other OTC drops but have a local anaesthetic for numbing the eye.

As the patient blinks, the drop covers the entire eye. Patients only experience the speculum holding the eye open during the procedure. It can be a little uncomfortable for some. Patients feel no pain during the incision or reshaping phase of the surgery.

After the procedure, the patients have to wear protective goggles. It takes a day or two to recuperate from the surgery. If mild tearing, sensitivity, or irritation is faced, it will subside in a day or two with healing.

  • Quick results

Patients experience improved vision just a day after the surgery. Some patients might not feel like wearing the glasses after surgery, while others may need them but much lesser. Patients can resume their routine in a day or two. However, they must avoid wearing eye makeup or swimming for at least two weeks. As the incision heals, patients might experience glares or halos. However, they subside within a week of the surgery.

  • Save money

The money spent on lenses, frames, contact solutions, etc., is a recurring cost. However, laser eye surgery reduces the need for wearing eyewear, so in the long run, patients save a significant sum of money. Also, wearing glasses occasionally will make the frames last longer.

  • Improved confidence

If specs make you conscious about your looks, the laser will help you get rid of the glasses. It will make you feel comfortable and spontaneous in social situations. You can play any sport freely as there are no goggles and no need for adjusting the frames or knocking them off.

Accurate vision is crucial in some jobs, such as the military. After laser eye surgery, there is no need to worry about specs interfering with the ability to perform duties.

After the laser surgery, the patient witnesses an improvement in vision and gets rid of the lenses and glasses. It improves overall lifestyle and boosts confidence.

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