Excel VLOOKUP With Dynamic Column Reference

In this article, I will show you how to use the Excel VLOOKUP with dynamic column reference. Having the dynamic reference can minimize formula errors. I’ve created a sample VLOOKUP to demonstrate the process. There are many variables you can use to find a value, newstribune and you can combine them in a variety of ways. For example, you can make a range start from a certain column and include cells in different columns to match that range.

If you are working with multiple worksheets, you can use the dynamic VLOOKUP function to search specific values in all of them. To make this work, you can name the column that contains the reference number “RollNo” and then use the range name “G1” in the cell. Once you have the dynamic reference, dailybulletin you can lookup values in multiple worksheets and combine them to produce an output. This method works well with dynamic column references in Excel.

The VLOOKUP function requires a column reference, either static or dynamic. If you use a static column reference, you will need to manually type in the reference number. This can be very time-consuming. In contrast, an INDEX MATCH formula lets you choose the column from which you want to pull the value. dailybase This type of lookup is more flexible and allows you to add and delete columns easily.

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