Sustainable Practices Every Law Firm Should Try

Lawyers are known to be a bit of a quirky bunch. But when it comes to their work, they’re also an environmentally-conscious group. As the legal field becomes more and more digitized, you have more opportunity than ever before to reduce the impact on the environment. It used to be such a big deal but now it’s simple and as direct as choosing  Quickstep Laminate Flooring over hardwood for your flooring needs. From recycling paper waste to using eco-friendly office supplies and appliances in your home office or firm space, there are many sustainable practices that lawyers can try out today—and all of them will help save money too, one of them include Practice Management Software!

Recycle and Reuse Your Paper Waste

Recycle your paper waste. Paper can be recycled into new paper if it’s not too worn and torn, so keep your old documents and use them for something else. Recycling is good for the environment, good for your pocketbook, and good for the economy.

Go Digital

Going paperless is one of the most common ways to increase efficiency in a law firm. However, it’s not just about going digital; it’s also about moving toward electronic documents and signatures. Electronic delivery of documents will help save time and money by eliminating delays associated with physical deliveries.

For example, if you need information from another party or opposing counsel, they can send it through email instead of having to wait for snail mail or faxes.

Another way you can use technology within your practice is by allowing clients secure access to their case files without ever leaving home! Practice Management Software like Law360 Pro allows lawyers to keep track of everything from financial records through discovery matters so that when clients need answers fast, they’ll always have them on hand.

Use Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

If you run an office, then you know that paper is your biggest waste product. Paper is so ubiquitous that it’s often hard to remember how much you use and how much money can be saved by reusing it.

There are three major ways to reduce the amount of paper your business uses:

  • Use recycled paper—this will save trees while having a smaller carbon footprint than virgin wood pulp products.
  • Reuse as much old or surplus paper as possible—take care not to overstock your printers, though! A good rule of thumb is 10% less than what you think you will need for each job. This keeps them from running out in the middle of printing and wasting more paper than they need anyway.
  • Buy reusable pens, pencils and highlighters rather than disposable ones (which usually aren’t even recyclable).

Utilize the Cloud to Backup Your Data

The cloud is a fantastic resource for law firms and their clients. It allows you to back up your data in a secure, accessible location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This means that you’ll never have to worry about losing any important documents if something happens to your office or computer—your data will always be safe and easily accessible.

In addition to being reliable, cloud backups are also cost-effective since they don’t require you to invest in expensive hardware that could break down at any moment (and then need replacing). They’ll also help reduce the amount of space you need at the office by storing everything remotely; this means less clutter around your desk!

Each of these practices can help your law firm be more eco-friendly and save you money in the long run. And if you’re still not convinced, think about how happy it will make your clients (who are probably already expecting this type of green approach).

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