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Nothing has spurred a transition towards a more digital system for real estate business more than the ongoing coronavirus crisis. It appears that now more than ever, realtors are pressured to use more and more digital channels and technology for real estate marketing materials.

From learning to use social media marketing, creating websites, and learning business-oriented apps for smartphones, agents focus their efforts on digital channels to boost their profits.

Although the digital method is beneficial in many cases, there’s a tried and tested tool that is simple to use, affordable and continues to work effectively alongside its digital counterparts — print marketing.

The Advantages of Print Marketing for Real Estate

The print industry has an extensive tradition of providing a powerful sales impact for businesses that sell goods and services.

Real estate is a business that offers both: Buyers are buying your home’s selling services or purchasing services and maybe buying the home. The industry is the ideal opportunity for a robust print marketing campaign that creates a perfect sales environment.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of printed advertisements for realtors is quantifiable:

People Love Promotional Items

Discuss marketing your services as an agency or agent using the business card or other printed material with the logo.

Printing on materials helps clients remember your name. For example, 84% of Americans can recall the name of a company when they’ve received something bearing the company’s logo.

Promotional items are typically kept for a minimum of six months and sometimes up to 10 years in a person’s house, allowing you to gain maximum exposure. Furthermore, they can be handed over to a family member or colleague, allowing an agent’s details to be transferred quickly.

Better at Converting Customers

The direct mailer and the brochure may appear to be “old, old-fashioned” methods of generating businesses, but they are one of the best real estate marketing materials.

For instance, whereas an advertisement on the internet could see 45% of consumers “clicking on” to take a different action, print ads can get up to an 80% of customers responding to them, which suggests that they can have a more significant impact on purchasing decisions.

More Effective at Building Trust

While the internet may provide information to the user at their fingertips, there’s an increasing distrust in the technology industry, especially regarding false information and privacy issues.

Contrary to this, 82% of consumers are influenced by print media in making a purchase decision. This is an essential factor in the real estate business since most transactions occur because of the relationship between buyers, agents, and sellers, which has trust as the primary element.

It’s Returning Around

While it may seem like the digital realm continues to explode, many users are experiencing what’s commonly referred to as ” digital ad blindness.” This phenomenon occurs due to the large number of ads people are confronted with — ranging from 4,500 to 10,000 — and causes people to shut them off whenever they appear.

This has allowed printing business materials to shine more clearly in this busy digital age. For example, a printed business card or brochure is a great resource to refer to in the future. Once the prospective customer can give it the attention it deserves, it will result in more interaction with the materials and more time spent thinking about the product or service you’re offering.


Print materials are a crucial component of your marketing strategy and should complement your online business strategies. You can also try brochures, social media, optimized websites, etc. Try to ensure consistency across both your print and online marketing.

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