Grandpa Metal – Top 10 Ridiculous Metal Song Lyrics

If you enjoy heavy metal, you’ve probably heard a few ridiculous songs. The best ones come from death and black metal bands. But what about other genres? Is there a metal song that makes you cringe? Do you think it’s just you, or do you also enjoy hearing funny lyrics? If so, you’ll have to check out the Grandpa Metal compilation. The hilarious cuts are packed into this album. Here’s a list of the top 10 ridiculous metal songs.

One of the best examples of a metal band’s attempt at a funny song is “Preteen Deathfuck,” which promotes a gangster tone. This song sums up the entire genre. And while you’re listening to it, you’ll find it hilarious. The lyrics in this album are a great way to get people laughing while you listen. But be warned – the lyrics may not be appropriate for all audiences.

If you can’t tell what I’m talking about, you may be a metal fan. You’ve probably heard the “I’m a metal fan” anthem by The Scorpions. It started with no instruments and no sample intro. But the song quickly turned into a raunchy shout-along. And if you haven’t heard the song before, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Another band that excels at ridiculous metal song lyrics is Exhumed. Their demos, such as Goregasm, make ridiculous levels of violence sexy. And “Ziploc Bodybag” is an example of a band that’s a master at songwriting. And what about the cover art? Do you remember the band’s logo? I’m pretty sure they’d approve.

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