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If you’ve been waiting for a hotel game with lewd content, then you should check out Harem Hotel on the LewdZone store! It has hundreds of lewd scenes, dozens of hours of content, and over 28300 images! You’ll want to check it out as soon as possible! Here are some of the best parts about this game pklikes:


This hotel simulation game lets you experience an enviable life in a horny, fetishistic world. You can choose from eight gorgeous women and play as one of them in the Harem Hotel. You’ll be treated to hundreds of fully-animated lewd scenes in a variety of different settings. In addition to a vast number of different outfits, you’ll also be able to choose from more than 28300 images.

While you can try Harem Hotel gameplay on lewdzone for free, there are some drawbacks. The website contains many advertisements, such as those for dick growing supplements and games. While these ads are annoying, the site does not require a premium account to enjoy the content. In addition to that, you can donate to the site through Patreon, which will block the ads.


If you’re a fan of role-playing games, you’ll love the Harem Hotel story on Lewdzone. You’ll be able to interact with many different characters, making your decisions affect the storyline. In fact, it’s possible to play dozens of hours of content, including hundreds of lewd scenes and more than 28300 images. Regardless of your sexuality, you’ll find a variety of scenarios and options in Harem Hotel.

Fortunately, the game developers have made the content available for free. This makes it possible for more people to enjoy the content of this adult site. Lewdzone has a growing archive of adult animations, including stories from popular video games. The story continues to include the characters of popular video games, including Mario and Sonic. There’s even a video game pklikes com login adaptation! It’s a wild ride!


If you’ve never seen the animation for the Harem Hotel before, you’re in for a treat. This harem hotel is home to 8 sexy girls. You’ll be training them, building friendships with them, and interacting with them. You can even play as one of the girls in this game! The good news is that you can even play as a middle-aged woman named Sophia Parker!

The main screen of the game world247web shows some of the characters in the video. There’s a nun and a horny bitch in the game, but there’s no preview of gameplay. The game’s categorized menu has a search bar and an animation tags page. You can also sort the animation by sound, video length, and series/franchise. Luckily, this site also offers an English version of the game.

Patreon backers

Harem Hotel is a highly interactive and immersive virtual hotel game with over 24 hours of content and hundreds of fully animated lewd scenes. Patreon backers get access to private download servers, a bug tracker, and a wiki, as well as vote on upcoming content and receive in-depth development overviews and scene spoilers. They can also vote for new characters or outfits, and receive exclusive perks.

The Patreon rules also apply to pornographic content. It is generally prohibited for creators of such content to make their content NSFW. The platform does, however, allow for homonormative content, but this content is generally framed as opt-in extra material that does not affect the experience. The goal of Patreon developers is to attract a broad audience of potential funders newsminers and make their content as appealing as possible.


The game graphics are not particularly good, but they are sexy. The animation is also a bit rough, and sometimes it looks like shit. Overall, Harem Hotel is a great visual novel that’s free to download and play. However, if you’re looking for something to get you splotchy, you may want to look elsewhere. The gameplay is also sexy.


The game has 8 female characters and over 700 lewd scenes, and dozens of hours of content. The characters each have different traits and stats, and over three-hundred and eighty-four different events are included. This is a great game for the whole family, so bring a friend or two along for the ride. As a bonus, the game newspedias also has many unique characters and outfits.

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