How Does Cardio Exercise Help in Reducing Blood Pressure?

If you are worried about your blood pressure, you should get regular cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises raise blood pressure during and after exercise, but the diastolic level remains relatively unchanged or even decreases a little during the exercise. The duration of this high blood pressure varies from person to person, but it should return to normal within a few minutes. If you are not sure how much exercise you should do, consult your doctor.

One study investigated how exercise affected blood pressure in healthy people and found that 30-to-60 minutes of cardio exercise per week could significantly lower both diastolic and systolic pressure. This was even more significant than the effects of a single workout. Moreover, cardio exercises were found to be effective in improving vascular function and helping prevent the onset of heart disease. The researchers found that aerobic exercise helped lower blood pressure more than other types of physical activity.

One of the best exercises for lowering blood pressure is cycling. However, to reap the benefits of cycling, you should do it more often than once a week. In addition to walking, cycling, and jogging, swimming can also lower blood pressure. Swimming is an excellent choice for seniors, and it requires less than ten minutes of exercise a day. The benefits are immediate and noticeable. Just remember to swim at least three times a week.

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