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Is it Possible to Get Intaglio-Printed Business Cards?

If you’re looking for the highest-quality, unique business cards, you’ve probably wondered: Is it possible to get intagel-printed business cards? You’re not alone. Intaglio printing is a unique process that adds a touch of quality and uniqueness to invitations, letterhead, and stationery. It’s also one of the oldest forms of printing, and is used to print paper money.

Intaglio printing uses a movable flatbed sandwiched between two bearing rollers. Intaglio printing is a process that uses pressure to force ink into the incisions of the intaglio plate. The ink is forced into the incisions of the plate, and the excess is wiped off. Next, the inked plate is laid face-up on a flat bed, and wet printing paper is laid over it. The paper is covered by a blanket to ensure even pressure. The pressure of several tons presses the wet paper into the ink-filled crevices of the intaglio plate.

Business cards with metallic ink look more impressive than ever. Metallic ink can create a pseudo metal-card look, and can be printed on a card in full-bleed and as a light-weight option. Alternatively, white PVC plastic business cards can be an excellent upgrade to your brand. You can also ask a printer about the options available, and do not be afraid to seek out a specialist.






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