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MESCOM, also known as Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited, is a state-owned electricity distribution company located in the Indian state of Karnataka. MESCOM was established in the year 2002 and is responsible for providing electricity to the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Chickmagalur and Shimoga.

The company’s main aim is to supply high-quality and reliable electricity to its consumers and to promote energy conservation and sustainable energy use in its service area. MESCOM operates and maintains an extensive distribution network that serves over 2 million customers in these districts, making it one of the largest power distribution companies in India.

MESCOM is committed to providing excellent customer service to its consumers and has implemented several initiatives to achieve this goal. One of these initiatives is the introduction of digital services, which allows customers to easily pay their electricity bills and access information about their electricity consumption online. The company also has a strong focus on reducing power losses and improving the efficiency of its distribution network.

Another major focus area of MESCOM is promoting renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. The company has several projects underway to develop wind and solar energy farms, which will help to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources and promote a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for the region.

MESCOM is also involved in various community outreach programs aimed at promoting energy conservation and sustainability. These programs include energy audits for households and businesses, educational campaigns for school children, and awareness drives for local communities.

In conclusion

MESCOM is a key player in the Indian electricity sector, providing high-quality and reliable electricity to millions of customers in the state of Karnataka. With its focus on digital services, renewable energy, and community outreach, the company is working towards creating a brighter, more sustainable energy future for the region.


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