Should I File a Lawsuit Against My Pet Insurance Company?

It can be tempting to take legal action against your pet insurance company, but is it really worth the hassle? The answer depends on the circumstances and the quality of care provided by your veterinarian. First, you need to prove that your vet’s actions caused your pet’s current condition. This may require expert testimony. Additionally, you must show that your pet suffered actual harm – emotional distress is not covered under pet malpractice.

Some insurers use independent outside veterinarians to review disputed claims, but not all. There are other options available. The state insurance department will investigate your claim if it was denied. The agency will investigate your claim and request a copy of your pet’s policy. Once the department has reviewed your claim, it will determine if it is covered. The insurance company may be persuaded to pay for the care your pet requires.

Before filing a lawsuit, you should ask yourself: Is there a better way to get my pet’s treatment? If your insurer denies you coverage, it’s important to find a different provider. If you think your pet is being denied treatment for an illness, get a pet DNA test performed to determine the exact breed. Alternatively, you can request that your pet insurance company pay for vet care in case of an accident.

You may have legal action against your dog’s owner if your pet was hit by a car. While the driver of the other car is usually at fault, in many states, a dog is considered property, and it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of it. If the dog was deliberately hit or died, you may have a case against the owner of the other vehicle. You could also be held liable for the vet bills of your dog. Intentional damage is often excluded from insurance coverage.

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