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Video Games in Prisons

Prisons aren’t allowed to allow inmates to play violent games, including COD Ghosts. And while prisons can’t monitor all of the video games in their facilities, the Missouri Department of Corrections does not allow them to play games that are too violent. The prison’s rules for playing video games are not to be considered violent, but to have a “safe” level of violence. That means you can only play games rated “E” or below.

One such game is Prison Simulator, a simulation of the running of a prison. Like the Sims, it simulates managing a volatile population. Prisoners have profiles that include their age and offence, as well as the names of their family members. The game’s lack of a pre-defined character persona encourages players to make personal decisions that are based on their own assumptions about prison management.

In addition to video games, many prisoners play computer games using detainee tablets. Certain DOCs give out tablets for free, while others allow prisoners to purchase them at a nearby grocery store. The tablets come with different applications, including games like solitaire and simple telephone games. Buying a tablet in prison can cost up to $10. But many prisoners prefer tablets over consoles. While these devices can be expensive, they offer a good way to stay occupied during the prison day.

Games like Prison Architect are popular with inmates. Prison Architect is a free, fun simulation game that explores how effective prison management can help individuals and society at large. It’s also possible to play prison simulation games like Prison Architect without placing consoles inside inmate cells. These games aren’t only a way to pass time, but they can shape perceptions about prisons. The prisons in this game are not for the faint-hearted, or those who have a history of drug addiction.

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